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The abandoned plane in the UAE, provided an opportunity for some great shots.  The relic planes in their deteriorate state shows some real character, it adds a different aspect to a photo of an ‘in tact’ plane.  With the wings having holes through them or the body being covered in rust, but then the inside.  It was amazing, it had a totally  different feel to it.  I tried to capture this, in its stripped back state.  The control wires hanging down, the seats ripped, it was a great day snapping away.  

I was lucky enough to spend Christmas 2016 in the beautiful city of Budapest.  What a place to visit, the endless streets where every building has something to offer.  It was not just for the buildings but the old school city trams that pass by as you wander on the side streets, the bridges that connect Buda and Pest together, there is a photo opportunity around every corner. There is so much more than what meets the eye.  The architecture in Budapest is so detailed, there is not one missing piece.  Each building, statue or street art tells its own story. I would highly recommend any photographer or photography enthusiast out there to take yourself to Budapest and spend daylight and night time exploring what the city has to offer behind a lens. Shoes of Danube The shoes of Danube was a very heart warming, and touching memorial to all…

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