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I am a female outdoor enthusiasts by trade, my office is the outdoors.  My passion for photography has grown fonder as I spend longer exploring the outdoors and what the natural world has to offer.  Seeking out different parts of the world, indulging in various cultures, amercing myself in changing environments, I seem to find myself wanting to capture these moments in a still snapshot.


When I look at a photo I do not just look at the picture, you have to look behind the photo, behind the lens, what is really in that photo?  I look into the depths of a photo to really learn and capture the essence of a single moment in time.
I am still learning the art of photography but this comes with every snap taken; it is another moment of learning. To all the natural wonders in the world, the moments people share and the environments we face, a lens can see it all, as long as we invest our time and effort to capture it.

For me, this website is more about being able to share the opportunities I have been blessed with, to others from all over the world. We are individuals who share this world but can all look at what is in front of us differently. I wish to share some of what I see with others.

I am far from fantastic at what I do but I enjoy doing it and that is whats important. If you want to know a little more of how I started this little journey then check out the post “A short story from then to now”.

A short story “from then to now”

I hope you enjoy reading what I write and seeing what I have captured.

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